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GlassArt is a branch of Alutrade Co Ltd, located in Accra - Ghana.


GlassArt offers you the option to give existing or new homes, buildings, bathrooms, kitchens and other living spaces a facelift, transforming them with vivid colors and creating a modern look with three simple and most stylish GlassArt techniques known as

 Resin-Stained Glass, ColorSpray Glass and  Fusing Glass.



GlassArt Resin-Stained Glass caters to the designing of the most complex to the simplest creative ideas on glass. The most popular use of Resin-Stained Glass is to create cathedral glass or stained glass. Cathedral glass is used extensively in churches and for decorative glass in domestic and commercial buildings. It lets in light while reducing visibility and it is an inexpensive, but useful and decorative material. Resin-Stained Glass is also ideal for glazed doors, fanlights and windows, advertising signs, shower screen and glass partitions.


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GlassArt ColorSpray, also called 'back-painted glass', is now a popular feature in many homes and commercial buildings. Our ColorSpray is a uniquely formulated resin based paint system which is ideal for the backpainting of glass for many applications including kitchen splashbacks, glass worktops, wetroom walls and shower cubicles, wall claddings and shelves in any color imaginable.


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 Fusing  is a term used to describe glass that has been fired (heat-processed) in a kiln at an extremely high temperature in order to create and capture fluid textures and patterns. This is an enormously versatile technique which allows the glass to be used in a variety of decorative, functional or structural element for both internal and external applications. GlassArt Fusing is used to create simple items like ashtrays, plates and washroom basins or to create elaborate partitions, doors and windows with a unique look.


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